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What Technologies of Chip Systems Exist

4You can find a number of different and impressive chips system technologies that are out there on the market today. The following are some that you are sure to start seeing more of in the future, as well as some that are already commonplace.

• Atom, from Intel is the brand name of a type of microprocessors. They are popular because they are low voltage, and they are not going to take up a substantial amount of power. You will find these in use in a number of different capacities, most commonly with netbooks. They are popular in mobile Internet devices, as well as robotics today, and they seem to be getting more popular all the time. Intel recently came out with an updated version of the Atom to use in servers, and they are already promising another updated version in the coming year.
• CMOS, or complementary metal oxide semiconductor is a type of technology found in a variety of integrated circuits. You will find these used with chip systems using microprocessors and microcontrollers. One of the benefits of CMOS is the fact that it does not waste power, which has been a problem with some of the other solutions used in the past. Most often, you will find CMOS in digital applications. However, it is also possible to use them in certain analog applications.
• 16 bit RISC processors can actually have a higher performance than some of the 32-bit processors that are out there today, as long as you choose the right one. They are able to offer more speed, lower power consumption, and ease of use for many different types of applications.