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What Package Types Exist

6Circuits and systems often need to have protective coverings or packages that will make it easy and safe to handle them without causing any damage. Many different types of packages exist for this express purpose. The following are some of the most common types of packages used for SOC today. Keep in mind that the different types of chips and the different numbers of pins will often determine the type of package used.
• Single in line package
• Dual in line package
• Ceramic
• Molded
• Plastic
• Bump chip carrier
• Leadless chip carrier
• Leaded chip carrier
• Leaded ceramic chip carrier
• Flat packages
• Small outline packages
• Chips scale packages
• Small pin count packages
• And more

For all of the different types of chips and the different applications and circuits used, you will find that they may need to have different packages for the safety of the device.