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What Applications Use Chip Systems

3You are going to find quite a few different types of applications utilizing chip systems today, and some of the biggest reasons for this are simplicity, quality, and size. Today, it is possible to use these systems to control a host of different devices and in different fields. They are generally going to have designs that use less power, and that means a lower cost. Because they have to have fewer of these systems in a package, it can even reduce the assembly cost of devices. The following are some of the applications where these are in use today.

• Bluetooth makes use of these chip systems because of the low energy usage and the low cost. High quality chip systems will allow for programmable flash memory, great RF performance, and a small physical size. This small size helps to get the chips into smaller and smaller devices that need to utilize Bluetooth.
• Capacitive Sensing devices are also making use of these single chip systems. The capacitive sensing devices, of contactless switches, need to have a small chip that is going to be able to handle the information from the touch sensitive devices, and a quality chip system that can simplify things can make it much easier. Some of the devices that are using this type of technology today include notebooks and handsets. You can also find them in the medical and industrial fields.
• Embedded systems often make great use of these types of chip systems. The embedded system is a computer system that will be able to control various functions within a greater or larger system. They use the chip systems to control those different functions. You are often going to find these in electronics, such as personal computer systems.
• IEEE 802.15.4, the basis for ZigBee is a wireless standard for media access control for LP-WPANs. Many devices that utilize this standard utilize these chip systems.
• ZigBee is a name for communication protocols that you will find in the use of digital radios. Some of the applications of ZigBee include use in wireless light switches, traffic management, and electrical meters that offer displays in the home.
• LED lighting systems are popular today, and you will find that many of the systems out there are utilizing SOC. This makes controlling the system easier, and it is possible to use it in many more instances and applications.

The above are just some of the many different applications where you will find these types of chip systems in use today. As they are becoming more commonplace and the quality is getting higher, chances are that you are going to start seeing them in more and more locations and devices.